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Retirement Planning

I have retired twice in my career.


The first time was a retirement from the Royal Air Force, after 22 years service.  This was thoroughly thought through and carefully planned, taking advice, guidance where offered and identifying training courses needed to make the move from RAF officer to humanitarian aid worker. Even then, I met with challenges I had not foreseen and mindsets that I had not anticipated.


The second time was a retirement from regular paid work, and this was not thought through nor was it planned.  It was a reaction to a situation where I judged it unwise to continue working in my chosen field, due to the political climate in the country I was living in.   Because it was unplanned, I made a lot of mistakes.


From the experience I gained from transitioning into retirement and from working as a career coach, I believe I have an insight into the multitude of issues that need to be considered when planning for retirement. When thinking about a future retirement, I think we can divide these issues to look at into three thematic groups:


 - What needs to be replaced,

 - What needs to change

 - What dreams/opportunities are there?


What Needs to be Replaced?


1 - Finance - the main one when most think of retirement.

2.  Social interaction - whatever one gets at work will disappear.

3. Mental/Physical work - depending upon the type of job, if active then this aspect goes, if requiring  mental agility, this aspect goes.  This is an area i think is not though about a lot - esp the need to replace the mental agility stuff with sometime else.  I made a mistake here!


What Needs to be Change?


1.  Relationship with oneself - how are you going to think of yourself in the future?

2.  Relationship with spouse/partner - no long same position in relationship as no longer same money earner

3.  Relationship with family, friends, aquaitances  - they will view you differently - awareness of how people might look at you.

4.  Time management - How to fill the day with tasks/jobs/hobbies/past times.  This will change and therefore needs planning and management



What are the Dreams/Opportunities?


1.  This is a blank sheet of paper - but important to put down the dreams one has had about retirement. We all want to love our work - but we most assuredly need to love our retirement.  There are huge opportunities here - but what you choose to do needs to get you out of bed in the morning.

2.  Plan for next 1,2,5 years - bit like a business plan

3.  Personal health - physical, mental, spiritual health issues.


I have  tool to help identify your achievements in your life.  It can be used when looking back to identify those moments of imprortance that become treasured memories.  Click on the PDF button here to download the exercise - hopefully it will surprise you - Enjoy!!

If you would like to talk over your ideas, concerns, plans - please feel free to contact me, by filling in the Contact Me section on the Home Page

Retirement is a career change phenomenon and a personal change management challenge.

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