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Life Lessons from Reading .......Part 6

This blog is the sixth in the series, entitled "Life Lessons from Reading ......." This blog is taken from our Life Coaching course's assignment; reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

This book pulls together a lot of what we have been looking at in our Life Coaching course. Eckhart Tolle concentrates very much on living in the present; indeed dancing in the moment is a state of mind that is a crucial part of raising the client’s awareness during life coaching sessions. Tolle describes it as crucial to living a balanced life, free of stress and pain and the self-destructive tendencies of the ego.

I have been applying one of the ideas from the book; Not Worrying about the Future, but instead treating future problems as small moments in the present to be dealt with. The book offers the example of writing a scientific journal. I have taken the same approach with the Life Coaching course’s Final Assignments. I began by first forming the structure, writing into this skeleton the ideas I wish to present as short notes. along with their respective references, and then returning and filling in with the relevant text and prose. It has helped me to approach the final assignments with a more calm and relaxed attitude.

I have also started attempting some of the exercises the book offers that would help us to separate from our mind, from the tricks that it can play on us.

I have a tendency to dwell on the past, to return to old occurrences, grievances and regrets in my life; rerun and analyse them in my head, and look for reasons or excuses. I am aware that this is such a self-destructive habit, and that it needs to be broken. I have tried the exercise of catching myself with these thoughts, trying to stop the thoughts from developing. Meditation breathing exercises have allowed me to concentrate on my body by really focusing on tiny feelings and sensations; but also the meditation has helped me to take more control of my mind, of my ego.

The philosophy of being wholly in the present, of fully using all our senses, being in the moment, is a state of awareness that I have been looking at and trying to do for some time now. Especially when walking the dogs in the morning. As the sun rises for a new day, it is a good time to think about the day ahead, running thoughts through my head. It is also a great time to really let my senses drink in what is around me. To dislocate myself from my mind at that instance; an eyes wide open meditation.

As to listening to my body, I am getting better at not feeling the guilt that I used to experience when I succumbed to a period of relaxation or rest. Quite often, my plan for the day would be to sit and work at the computer. But then I might decide that a cycle ride in there sunshine would be far more beneficial and, without any hint of guilt, I will go for a spin on my bike.

In these simple, yet effective ways, this book has helped me to embrace this enlightened philosophy, rather than fretting and worrying about the things that my ego thinks I ought to feel guilty about.

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