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Life Lessons from Reading .......Part 5

This blog is the fifth in the series, entitled "Life Lessons from Reading ......." This blog is taken from our Life Coaching course's assignment; reading Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

This is an excellent little book; full of advice and guidance from the ancients. It draws on the philosophy of the Vedas, from Hinduism, and as such promotes a way of approaching life that is at once inclusive and non judgemental. It is book that I have really taken to heart. As it appeals so much, I have tried to do the daily tasks the author has set for each of the seven spiritual laws.

I have, however, struggled to adopt every recommended action on a daily basis. I set out with the intention of making a daily plan to attempt all the actions that this book recommends. I tried for a week to include the actions in my normal routine, but struggled, and failed, to be consistent.

The Law of Giving is something that I have no doubt that I achieve regularly. At least I would like to think I did. But it is not a daily activity that I am conscious of doing. The Law of Detachment, practicing detached involvement and staying alert to every opportunity, is another example of an activity that I would most likely embrace, but again I fail to be aware of doing it on a daily basis. I have not succeeded in adopting these laws into my daily routine.

However, I have started to consider some of the seven laws as I engage with my clients. Through this technique, I found benefit in my approach to coaching when I could become more aware of the balance in decisions; how to embrace the idea of acceptance of people, circumstances and events, as they appear in the moment, without being defensive, and without challenging.

Our Life Coaching course has covered the use of the Values Tool to add clarity to decision making, by using our values to guide us, to weigh the options and the process of the decision. I have used this technique to assist clients that are confused about how to proceed. I have an idea about adapting this coaching tool, by blending the values exercise with the book’s recommended activity, associated with the Law of Intention and Desire. The idea is in its early infancy and will need a lot more thought as to how I can introduce it into my coaching sessions.

Although I have not managed to bring the seven laws consciously into my daily life, I have been a little more successful with the first law; The Law of Pure Potentiality. I have started practising meditation on a daily basis. I found a meditation app, Smiling Mind, designed for young adults, it is very simple and easy to use. I found it hard to be able to mediate alone; I prefer to have somebody talking me through the process of meditation, helping me to focus on my breathing, my body. We live a short walk from the beach. And thus, with the sound of the ocean filling my head, as the sun rises over the ocean, I have found a grand way to start my day.

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