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Life Lessons from Reading .......Part 3

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

This blog is the third in the series, entitled "Life Lessons from Reading ......." This blog is taken from our Life Coaching course's assignment; reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey

When I started thinking of how I was going to write about this book, I initially planned to carry out the exercises at the end of the chapter on Habit One. I listened carefully to how my family and friends used language, and how their use of particular words could reveal what emotion lay behind. I took care about my own use of words. I listened to how I was speaking, and caught myself a number of times slipping into the use of reactive language. And I was quite taken aback, I will admit, when I then heard reactive language appearing so much in the speech of those around me.

I have become much more aware of my choice of language since I started the Life Coaching course. I also find I am listening with more awareness to how people around me are talking.

I wanted to also look at my Circle of Influence, and how I can expand it. However, I wanted to be able to take my time over this exercise, and not rush it for the sake of completing an assignment.

As I began the chapter on Habit Two, I realized that it would be timely to begin my own personal mission statement. This was an exercise I could concentrate on before our next course weekend.

As we have progressed along the Life Coaching course, not only have I become more aware of my choice of words in my speech, but I have also become more aware of my emotions, my thoughts and my feelings. My experience as a life coach, sitting opposite other course students, has been unexpected and enlightening. I do not pretend to have come close to the end of that journey. But the thought of compiling a personal mission statement has great appeal; it will help channel some of these emergent feelings and thoughts.

I started by looking at the Life Coaching Core Competencies, and by asking myself questions that I felt were important to my philosophy of life, my moral code, my ethics; indeed to the way I wish to be viewed by others. From these questions, I compiled an initial list of qualities that I would wish to be a part of who I am.

The progress that I have already made along the path of better self awareness is thanks to exercises such as this, thanks to being able to stand back and take a fresh look at myself.

Dr Stephen Covey suggests that our mission statement becomes a living document. That we return to it and review it at intervals in our life. This I will do as a final exercise before the end of the Life Coaching course. We are now halfway through the course; this personal mission statement can, in some ways, be a way of measuring my progress. If it can reflect the progress I have already made at this half way point, it can offer a chance to then compare with my progress at the end of the course.

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