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As we all become more physically isolated from our family, our friends and our work colleagues, we can become overwhelmed by stress, doubt, fear and a sense of helplessness.  But we can also decide to tackle these challenges differently.  We could choose to use this time to take stock of what is important in our lives, what we value most.


Whatever your challenge or desire, your story begins here.


If you feel that talking to someone will help you face your current concerns and the uncertainties that lie ahead, please contact me and we can arrange a time that is convenient to talk.  

I am a fully trained and qualified life coach.  My training has been with the Irish Lifecoach Institute  and I am a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) .  I operate within the EMCC Global Ethics and strict confidentiality is at the core of my practice.

I would normally hold my sessions in a private room, where I could ensure privacy and confidentiality.  However, while the restrictions on our personal contacts and movements remain in place, all my sessions are held remotely, using video links such as Zoom or a similar video meeting app.


The best way to contact me is to use the Contact Form below.

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Cope with Covid-19

Address New Challenges

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Many thanks to dropping in


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My Philosophy

PRESENT life coach

PRESENT your true self - Living in the PRESENT - Being fully PRESENT 

I can assist you as you face new challenges, or as you tackle new ideas, placing a large emphasis on achieving your goals. 

Drawing upon my eclectic life experiences as a military officer, an humanitarian aid worker and as a volunteer with wildlife conservation and local communities.


Are you ready to begin making a change in your life?


Please use the form below to contact me and we can arrange to talk about how I can help you.

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Life Coach
Career Coach

Personal Life Coach

Focussing on Your Issues

The pressures and stresses of modern living can take its toll on us in our private and in our professional lives.  We will have to face many challenges - tough decisions, uncertain futures, changes in our lives, changes in where we live.  And when we face these challenges, we can choose not to face them alone.  We can choose to look for support.


If you think that you would benefit from a little support in facing your challenges, then please feel free to contact me and ask me what could help you to overcome your struggles and challenges, your anxieties and concerns.  If you allow me, we can work together to help you create the successful future you would wish for.

For more information, please contact me on the form below.


Career Coaching

Looking to the Future

There have been so many upheavals in the workplace over the past year.  Many of you will have be facing situations that you had not planned for.  Whatever your career motivation - whether it is looking for a new direction, looking for progression and promotion, or seeking out a new role or job - talking to a Career Coach can help to gain some clarity about what to do, how to do it and where to look.  industry leaders and job seekers alike can benefit from coaching.


Is it time to transform your approach and maximise your opportunities? Or perhaps you are at a cross roads and need help to discover which direction your career path should take?


I can help you improve your approach and access the tools needed to succeed, be it in networking, researching a new job, updating a CV or interview preparation.  I can also work with you as you decide which career path to pursue.

For more information, please contact me on the form below.

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Dual Career

Dual Career Coaching

It can be overly daunting for us all as we manage our own lives;  ensuring we get the right balance between work and home life, earning money and enjoying leisure time.

Those challenges become more complex when there are two of you working - each with a  career, each with a stake in your lives at home and with the family.  


If you find it increasingly difficult to balance your priorities as a professional couple, please contact me and we can discuss how coaching can help you both, in your personal lives and well as your professional careers.

For more information, please contact me on the form below.

Retirement Coaching

Successful retirements need some careful planning.  There is so much to think about - What will future finances look like? - How to fill the day? - How will you be looked upon?  How will your relationships alter?

I have a separate page on retirement where I look a little more at the various aspects that would need to be considered - here is the link.  

There is also a little exercise that might prove enlightening  - it will take a few minutes only.  It is one of the tools we could use to help you with your retirement planning.

For more information, please contact me on the form below.


Interested in contacting Chris?
Please fill out the form to ask Chris a question, to enquire about arranging a call to talk about how I can help, or booking an appointment for a coaching session


PRESENT life coach


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What People Say

Quotes and Testimonials

Just one positive thought in the morning can change your whole day

Dalai Lama

Chris challenges performance in a non-obtrusive manner.  His personality naturally lends him to being re-assuring, supportive and highly positive, in the best manner possible.

Graham B

At the center of your being
you have the answer;
you know who you are
and you know what you want

Lao Tzu

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